Longboard Siding

Longboard Siding Installation In Vancouver, BC

Longboard Siding which is offered by us can provide you with a wood-like product that is free from any kind of maintenance. It is available in different types of wood-tone colors and profiles. The best part is that it is easy to install and non-combustible and comes with a warranty as well.

Longboard Siding is Durable

One of the common issues that is faced with traditional sidings is the fact that they can get damaged over some time. This is due to the vulnerability of a wide range of elements which includes rainwater, dust, and sunlight. Hence, due to this, you can end up having a non-pleasing and tired façade.

So, if longboard siding is used, then all such problems can be easily eliminated when especially used in the form of a rain-screen system.

Low Maintenance is needed

Most of the siding materials would require timely maintenance such that functionality and beauty are not compromised. The good thing about longboard Siding is that low maintenance is needed. Also, you can clean the surface with the assistance of a soft brush. All you would need is a little water which is mixed alongside light detergents. So, longboard Siding can last for a long time if it is maintained in the right way.

A wide range of Colors and Styles are available

If we talk about longboard siding, a wide range of styles and colors are available which you can select as per your need. Other than this, builders can make use of horizontal and vertical methods of installation when it comes to longboard sidings.

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