Allura Siding: Installation Process, Eco-Friendly Solutions & Benefit

More and more homeowners these days are combining style with affordability. One such product that has been around since the 1970s is the fiber cement siding. The installation is mainly done by professionals. Once done, it not only adds to the beauty of any house but also has a plethora of benefits. Wondering if it is worth installing? Well, yes, and here are the benefits you should know.

Advantages of Installing Allura Sliding

1.    Durability

Of all of the benefits of Allura siding installation, the best is its durability. Fiber cement is a composite of sustainable materials like wood fiber, cement, and other additives. Compared to other siding materials, this is the best one with a long lifespan.

2.    Endless Style Options

Another benefit of fiber cement siding is that it offers endless beauty as it comes with endless style options. There are many colors, textures, and styles to choose from such as shingles,  trim, backerboard, etc. Be it any you choose, these are curated to exhibit flawless beauty. Besides, homeowners can also paint the siding and save on some material costs.

3.   Versatility in Installation

In addition to different styles, there is a lot of versatility in installation too. This includes options like shakes, shingles, lap sidings, panels, etc. All these can go as the board or batten look. Besides, you can also mix and match to create unique and different looks.

Also, the fiber cement siding can be face nailed both on the top and the middle as well as on the bottom which as a result makes it more secure during high wind climates.

4.    Fire, Warping & Rotting Resistant

Thinking of installing Allura siding in Vancouver? Fiber cement siding is the best choice again as it is fire-resistant. Additionally, it is also warping and rotting resistant which means it will absorb moisture from snow, rain, heat as well as humidity.

5.    Weather Resistant

When it comes to weather protection, fiber cement siding material never disappoints. Regardless of the conditions to which it is exposed, the beauty over the years never fades. Fiber cement holds great strength and is moisture resistant which makes it great to withstand harsh weather like hurricanes and tornadoes. Therefore, when thinking of installing siding in Calgary, it is a prominent and great choice for homeowners.

6.    Minimal Maintenance

Another advantage of installing fiber cement siding is that it requires minimal maintenance. Unlike aluminum or vinyl, you don’t wash regularly. Also, it is sustainable and comes with a long life span, which means less prone to wear and tear.

How to Install Allura Siding?

The Allura Siding installation process is simple but requires a little practice. The best option is to leave it to professionals as they come with the right tools and expertise. However, for homeowners who would prefer DIY, here is how the siding can be installed:

  • The first step is to waterproof the exterior wall by attaching a house wrap material.
  • Next with the help of chalk lines, you must mark all stud locations on the house wrap.
  • Now install metal flashing material at the top of windows/doors.
  • Next nail strips of wood loath where the lowest siding course will be hanging.
  • Now measure and cut the fiber cement with a scoring knife. Make sure to wear protective prevention equipment.
  • Hang the vertical trim pieces with stainless nails and squeeze a paintable exterior caulk onto all vertical edges and butt joints.
  • Now mark the lowest course with horizontal chalk on the wall.
  • Now attach and blind nail the siding with a nail gun.
  • Now complete the siding job by calculating height, creating space, hanging the siding course, and cutting the extra siding.
  • You can finally complete it by painting the sidings.

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